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  • Hi Alex i’m having trouble getting good comps in a neighborhood that have a lot of do you decide a close comp to your subject.i think you need to do a video on pulling comps in pretty house areas and ugly.thank you

  • Steve

    Derron, if you don’t have access to the MLS try

  • Anonymous

    Hey Derron a quick tip for finding comps in high REO or foreclosure areas for wholesale value is to look at what is currently active on the market… if you are trying to wholesale houses make sure that you are 10-20k under the cheapest active house to be safe..

  • Sylvester

    Hi Alex, I’m just starting out and wanted to know what type of sellers should I be targeting?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Sylvester there are a lot of different leads to target. I would say that the highest response you will get would be from the absentee homeowners

  • Pduncan9

    If bought Freedom Soft thru your site when will your training on how you use it start

  • Anonymous

    Hey thanks for reaching out Paul… Cris and I are planning to do the training sometime within the next 30 days… pay attention to your email for the exact date..

    thanks again!

  • CT_Girl

    Hi Alex! I just came across your site and I really like your attitude, philosophies, and casual/interesting writing style. Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts and information, and best of luck in continuing to build your business. You’re doing great things.

  • Jerrysellshouses

    Hi Alex, I live in Memphis,TN and realquest cannot find absentee owners here for sellers.
    What should I do?

  • Jordan

    Hey Alex, I’m a real estate wholesaler in Canada and am about to close my first deal. I realized that it’s very likely that my buyer is going to know exactly how much I’m making (charging him). Is there any way to hide this figure?



  • Gordoncuffe

    can you help me wholesale a house in Heapsville VA. It is supposed to be 40 mins from Richmond.

  • Anonymous

    i  Have  a   desire  and  want to learn  the  ropes  in  real  estate. i  located  a  condo  3b 2b  needs     work  asking  $22,000  call me  i  need  to  how  to  structure  the  deal.

  • Anonymous


  • Edward Pondexter

    I would like very much to see examples of your mailings, please.