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Hey, thanks for visiting my blog at http://www.LiveRealEstateInvestor.com. My name is Alex Joungblood and this blog is a real time view at my wholesaling business. By viewing this blog you can see how it is possible to conduct a full time business in locating discount properties and selling them for a profit with extremley minimal risk. Check back often for recent updates and tips on how to wholesale properties and  make money in real estate as a real estate investor.

You wanna know something? You are no different than me! Maybe the only thing that separates us is the fact that I took action and put my wholesaling business into motion. Guess what?? If that is all that is separating us, that means all you have to do is take action and you too can be running a succesful wholesaling business. Of course a little guidance would help. And that is why this blog is here my friend. To give you some real information that you can use to be successul. Let me know what you think!

  • courtney Griffith

    I would like to sell my rehab project in philly for 25,000 to 28,000. It has all major systems update and the only thing that needs to be done is painting, molding and sanding hardwood in first level and carpet throughout. it is 1446 sq ft. I ran out of money and live in VA. If you know someone interested I would love to hear from them. Thanks!

  • Jimmy

    So you learn everything from Preston Ely ?
    We have a local dude who has learned by doing and is helping us too and there’s a couple other dudes who also have that same level.

    These are my 2 faves:
    1) Creonline/www.creonline.com
    2) New to You real estate/www.newtoyourellc.com

    These guys have alot of free things that can probably help you too Alex.


  • Bid4dream

    Its true now a days we can find any dame thing on the internet with quite ease. However just think is there anyone who can offer you maximum discount on any product which you wish to own?
    Well   Bid4dream is here to realize your dreams now. Now its possible to grab maximum discount on any product which you wish to buy. All you have to do is to grab the opportunity.

  • ciara

    Hi Courtney

    My name is Ciara and I am a investor in the Philadelphia region. I would like to talk further with you on this sale if you like. Contact me at 1-215- 375-7677 if your still interested. Thanks 😉