Wholesaling Houses and Cheap Marketing Tips

A lot of people are having trouble jumping into the wholesaling business because of low marketing capital. In the beginning of my wholesaling career I really did not have any significant money to market with. One of the original real estate mentors, Ron Legrand, said it best ” You have to crank up the buying machine!” He would also say that you could be the best at structuring all different types of real estate transactions but if you do not have anybody calling you, you are straight out of luck!

I have been in the position before where I was wondering where I was going to get the money for my next marketing campaign. The fact is that inconsistency of my marketing campaigns is what was keeping me from going full time and generating a significant income. I tried many different ideas to get some deals coming in and had some mediocre success at best. If this is exactly what you are doing, this should not be a shock to you.

The bottom line is that these cheap marketing tactics are what I refer to as fillers. They fill gaps but do not give you a significant income and cannot send you to full time status. The purpose of “filler” marketing is to get you to your next deal when your other marketing is experiencing a dip for whatever reason. Filler marketing will produce a deal once every couple months. This is fine, becuase this is the purpose of it.

If you are low on marketing dollars you need to get some filler marketing out there so that you can score a deal to get some consistent marketing going. This is exactly what I did to start my road to full time status. I heard that internet marketing was all the rage so I bought into a couple membersites. You know the type that you pay a monthly fee to and you get about 30 leads or so a month.

I got lucky and my first month into it I scored a deal that made me 13K! All I had to spend was 100 bucks for the membership site. I eventually cancelled the site because the results I got after that were mediocre because it is what it is—-a filler site. So I took that money and invested it in direct mail to really get my marketing machine moving and have not looked back since!

I just thought about this post because I was out running an errand for my wife returning a movie to redbox. Redbox is one of those DVD vending machines for a buck a day. Normally I leave a business card right on top of the credit card swiper. There is a great little shelf for it! It is almost made for Real estate invsestor marketing! However this time if you could believe it–I FORGOT my business cards! I missed out on some great filler marketing.

Oh well learn from my mistakes and use every opportunity to get some filler marketing out there. Leave business cards whever you go. I leave them at gas pumps in the credit card applications clear box. Leave them at restaurants after you finish your meal. You can leave your business cards everywhere and actually end up getting a deal from it. So get your cards out there, start getting some calls so that you can invest  in some real marketing to finally be on the pathway to financial independence!

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