Real Estate Investing Doesn’t Work ANYMORE!!!

So did I get your attention with that title…LOL

The reason this blog came about is because I have been talking to some of my fellow investors in my local market.

You know it never fails! Whenever I talk to this certain investor I always get the negative stories and I can just feel the negative energy start to effect my mind and my body. You know that sick feeling in the bottom of your stomach and the stress that starts to build up in that back of your neck. My throat even starts to get a little dry too.. LOL..

Normally when that happens I know I need to get off the phone and FAST… You see what this particular investor doesn’t know is that he is unleashing an attack of NEGATIVE THOUGHT NINJAS on my mind and is really disturbing my chi!

These are the Negative Ninjas… You Don't Want to Mess with Them!!!

So what to do if you start getting attacked by a pack of Negative Ninjas?

Sometimes it can be difficult to spot the negative ninja. He disguises himself in the cloak of a friendly conversation. It seems as if you are just going to receive some friendly advice and then ZAP!! The negative ninja has got you. He starts throwing his ninja stars at you and you have got to do something…and QUICK!!

A Negative Ninja's Weapon of Choice

So here is what you do….

1) Remove Yourself from the Situation

If you spot a negative ninja you need to get off the phone, get out of the room, do whatever you have to do and do it FAST!! You see the longer you hang around the more likely those starts are going to stick into your brain and you are going to start thinking about it and mulling it over and before you know it–Real Estate Investing Doesn’t Work Anymore!!!

So get out and get out quick!

2) Listen to Alex Joungblood (or any other positive influences in your life) … 🙂

Yes that is step #2 for you…

Your perception is your reality. It really is that simple. If you think that the real estate market is dead and wholesaling houses doesn’t work then guess what?? You are not going to do anything and your reality is going to be exactly this–You remaining DEAD BROKE!

So I suggest you listed to people like me who are producing semi huge checks like this

This is just ONE of the checks that I have recently made from wholesaling houses.

So if you are going to take Step #2 seriously… here is what I have to say about the state of the market… are you ready??

YES.. the market has been continuing to decline… YES we have had the worst month for home sales in July in a long time but guess what…..????


If you stick to wholesaling properties in our current market it does not matter if the market is declining! One of the negative ninja stars that was thrown at me the other day was that 250K houses are going to be worth 75K and we are all DOOMED!

Well guess what Mr. Negative Ninja… If houses were only worth 75K than all I would have to do at that time is still offer my wholesale prices… I would just get the house for 20K and find a buyer for 30K and make a quick 10K…. there you go!!! Problem solved!

Now I don’t believe that our situation will ever come to that but the fact remains the same. We just simply adjust and adapt and continue to make things happen. There were a lot of people who made a ton of money when the market was CRAZY and home sales were doubling and tripling…  They were just riding the wave!

Another question for you… Was it the skills of the investor that made them money when all they had to do was buy a house let a couple months go by and sell the property? Is it any wonder they are upset by the fact that they can’t just buy properties and AUTOMATICALLY make money?

The market now actually requires you to have some skill to make money… Don’t get me wrong…. it is still as easy as finding a discounted deal and finding a buyer who is willing to take over your position on the contract.. there are definitely some details in between but you get the gist…

The skills you need to hone to make some good money by wholesaling houses are marketing for motivated sellers and negotiating with motivated sellers. If you master these two skills you will be light years ahead of the competition!

These are skills that will allow you to uncover discounted deals on a consistent basis and ensure you can make money in ANY market condition that life throws at you!

So if I were to break down this article into some action steps for you.

1) Avoid the negative ninjas at all cost… when you see them lurking about… RUN!!

2) Hone your Marketing and Negotiation Strategies.. these will carry you in any market.

BTW… If you want to learn from ME (not another guru)

how to make semi huge checks like the one above

You need to click here

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think…Would love to know what is on your mind!

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  • Great post Alex! This is SO TRUE in EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE not just wholesaling. Just get out there and make it happen and never give up! Nice check BTW also!

  • Alex -you hit the nail on the head.

  • I must be missing something. I mean I get the wholesaling thing, however, when you say real estate investing doesn’t work any longer, I have to TOTALLY disagree. I do my share of wholesaling, however, I have also bought, rehabbed and sold over 500 homes in LA and Orange Counties in Southern California. We are also keeping key properties as long term holds. This really is truly the BEST TIME TO BUY. I mean, when in history has there EVER been a time when the market was as depressed as it is now while at the same time having interest rates as low as they are now. You can buy almost anything and cashflow, even more so a deal which is worthy of wholesaling. I get having a balance, but you can’t always sell your future for the present. Plus you need long term holds for the depreciation to offset the money you make on wholesaling. Sometimes you just have to plan and hold onto what you can for retirement.

  • Alex

    Hey Robert thanks for your comment… I think you are missing something here…
    the post was definitely in a “sarcastic” tone.. I agree with you that NOW is the best time to buy
    and I continue to do deal after deal during this “down” market..
    Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

  • Anonymous

    Love the negative thought ninja concept.

  • Anonymous

    thanks Dennis!

  • Negativity of any thing shows failure of man’s life.If any person has a positive aspect then no one can not deny its importance.It also demands a business if a businessman has positive view in their business one day who will really get his desire aim.