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Note from me- The following post is from a fellow wholesaler friend of mine that I know is ACTUALLY doing deals. He calls me up sometimes just to say “Hey, Alex I got another 3 under contract today!” LOL…. Did I get your attention with that?

Check out what he has to say and overall


“Discover the Gold in Landlord Calling”

Hey everybody.  My name is Darren Dicke and I hail out of Columbus, Ohio.  O-H!   Alex Joungblood and I have known each other for going on 2 years now and during that time, I have been impressed by his continued activities as a real estate investor.   Flat out, Alex is out there in the streets, getting his hands dirty and doing deals week in and week out.  Oh yeah, there’s this recession thing happening right now and supposedly no one is making money at present…schyah! (Wayne’s World referenceJ

The cool thing about associating with guys like Alex is he’s doing the same thing I am, just in a different market.  I have been a full time real estate investor for the last 8 years now and have completed a couple hundred deals.  Without fail, every time I talk to Alex on the phone, I learn something new about the real estate biz.  1 tip that saves time or makes money is the reason I thank Alex for allowing me to share my “Landlord Calling” strategy with his blog readers.

The premise around this strategy is simple:  landlords are the most active buyers and sellers of property right now.  They always have been and in my opinion, always will be.   Why is that?…because landlording is a highly profitable business model.  The rub to this model is landlording can be a highly stressful venture, leading to high turnover and extremely motivated sellers.  I mean, motivated sellers are the key to this biz, right?

Ok, so here’s the scoop.  Take this and do likewise:

Step 1-  Find properties that are For Rent.  (This can be done by three ways: 1) driving around and writing down numbers in areas you like. 2) go to Craigslist.com or Backpage.com and look under real estate for rent section.  3) actually, with those two ways, you will find plenty of prospects)

Step 2-  Call the owner/property manager of this property.

Step 3-  Ask them if they are interested in selling this property.

Step 4-  If they say yes, find out more info (use a seller questionnaire if you are new/er)

Step 5-  Ask them if they have any other properties for you to look at.

Step 6-  If they answer no to both questions, you might as well ask if they know anybody who has a property they need to sell fast.

Step 7-  This is a bonus step—I know this article is about finding motivated sellers but if you ask this question at the end, you will be surprised about what you discover.  Ask them if they are currently buying rental or fixer upper property.  Try it…you’ll love the results!

Once you find someone who wants to sell, the next thing to determine is if their asking price is reasonable.   If you think, based on the numbers of the deal, it is in a ballpark where you can score, go out and inspect the property.  After that, run your numbers one more time and present a final offer to the seller.  If it works, great, get that sucker in contract ASAP.  If it doesn’t, that’s ok too.  Be sure you follow up with the seller in 30 days (that one alone has made me hundreds of thousands of dollars—follow up is HUGE!!!!!!!!)

Alright, so that is the simple process you can use TODAY.  If you’re reading this you’re already online.  Open a separate browser and go to http://www.Craigslist.org.  Find your area and go to the real estate for rent tab.  Check out all the properties that are for rent…Now you see why this is a potential gold mine.  Well, that and the fact that very few other people are using this strategy.

To learn more about this specific marketing technique, plus 13 others (that cost you nothing but time), check out this guide I put together, breaking down my favorite fourteen ways to find motivated seller for free:  http://www.finddealsfree.com.

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  • I love Darren’s lessons. Only one drawback….. He and I are working the same city! Hard to get a jump on him and the other fulltime investors in this town. Guess I’ll have to get some Bird Dogs to work the surrounding areas. Good stuff! Looking forward to seeing more.