Wholesaling Houses and Internet Marketing

Well I guess it is evident that you guys wanted to know a little more about this whole internet marketing thing! Like I  said I am going to give you some more information regarding this and how I use it in my business.

What I am going to do as well to help us out is get a special speaker this Wednesday the 28th at 9pm ET to talk more about it.

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The reason I picked this guy is because it is from his information that I learned to build my OWN squeeze pages and my OWN websites for my own real estate wholesaling business. Not only that BUT this stuff has helped me a little in the information marketing business. Have you ever wanted to get into that just a little bit?

Lol… I know you see all the emails and wonder to yourself “How much is this guy really making?” Let me just say that 95% of the money I make is from real estate investing but it sure is nice to have some extra checks coming in every now and then. In fact I just paid of a credit card in one shot, almost 6K worth from a check I recently received from this!

Remember I told you that almost all the money I make is from real estate investing? Since I have been on this little family visit from Massachusetts and New York I have put a wholesale deal together for 20K.  The dream is possible my friend; you just need to start taking some action and marketing your business online is a great way to do it!

I know what is going on in your mind right now because I have been in your spot not too long ago. I had no clue how to build a basic website or do anything along those lines but the training was laid out in such a simple format that I would have had to be a few french fries short of a happy meal not to get it (or kids meal depending on where your kids like to eat)!

Alrighty then… lets get into the information that you came to this post for..

Using Squeeze Pages in Your Wholesaling Business

When I first got started marketing my business online I started like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry (you don’t know them do you?) I got a very BASIC website built and started sending traffic to it. This simply means I put it on my business cards, I tried some PPC (pay per click) marketing with google and even put it some of my postcards that I mailed out.

The problem here is that somebody can come to your site and get the information they want and just FLAT OUT LEAVE. When that happens they chances of you ever seeing them again or doing business with them again is SLIM TO NONE.

If somebody is coming to my website they are going to have to give me something. Now of course I will offer them something in return like a free report or a free video or free tips on how to sell their house but once they are NOT going to get to my site unless they give me their info.

Now they can leave or do whatever they want to do. It doesn’t matter… I DON’T CARE…. I have their information now and can send them an email whenever I dang well feel like it! Whats cool about this is that I have a list of people that thought about selling their house and now I can send a blast email out every once in a while to follow up to see if their situation has changed.

Its pretty cool when you can send an email and get a house under contract… You would like to do that wouldn’t ya?

Well a squeeze page makes it all possible!

Lets talk about the different elements of a squeeze page that you ABSOLUTELY must have

1) A Headline that Makes Your Visitor Instantly Want What You Are Offering

When the seller gets to your squeeze page they should instantly want to sell you their house. Not necessarily at a discount but your headline needs to instill confidence in YOUR ability to solve their problem.

Your headline needs to be  so grabbing that it makes a motivated seller feel that the moment they give you their email address their problems will be solved. The tricky part to this is that you can not outright say things like ” Enter your email address and I will buy your house for TOP dollar Guaranteed!” You need to be able to be more realistic to your approach but evoke the same emotion.

2) Bullet Points that Lead to a Point of Action

Do you know how much time a motivated seller actually spends on your website? While I don’t know the exact amount of time down to the nano second it is not much more than that if your headline does not reach out of the screen and grab them. If you have done your job with writing an awesome headline then they will take the time to read your bullet points.

Your bullet points need to lead them to taking action and giving you their information. You want to know the best way I come up with bullet points?

I Steal ’em

Lol…. that’s right… I find the best bullet points from different websites and marketing pieces and mix and match and VOILA! You have yourself a good set of lead sucking bullet points..

There are so many marketing pieces out there on the internet that this is not tough to do at all!

I suppose if you really wanted to do the work of coming up with your own bullet points the best thing for you to do would be to put yourself in the place of a motivated seller. Think what you would want to hear to solve your problem and that is what you need to use. You know.. you’ve seen ’em

Stop Foreclosure

Sell without using a realtor

Don’t Worry about closing costs..

and such…

3) An Optin Box to Capture a Name and Email Address

If you have been on my list or any other real estate information guy’s list for any period of time you have definitely seen one of these before.  This is what makes it possible to let somebody just visit your sight once but allows you to follow up with them as many times as you want (or at least until they get annoyed with you and opt out)!

In order to maximize your optin rate (amount of people that give you their info) you need to place the name and email box above what is referred to as the fold of your page. Anything above the point where you have to scroll down on a webpage is known as above the fold. This way people will see your headline and know exactly where to enter their information without having to do anything extra. Easy and simple is the name of the game here.

Alrighty so there ya have it!  There are some tips for you to get your own squeeze page up and running.

So if you are still reading this post.. I want to play a game ( NO… not like SAW) …

Which one of you rockstars can find my actual website that I use in my wholesaling business and post in on this blog (locals don’t count!)

Whoever is the first to do it might be able to get something sneaky out of it! LOL

If you want to see what I mean check this out

Go hear to check out the Sneakiness, sir========>  I’m afraid you are underestimating the Sneakiness

Catcha Latah


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