Getting Motivated Seller Internet Leads [on your own]

If you have not been hiding under a rock over the last few weeks I am sure you have heard the three letter word “SIMS.” This stands for Smart Internet Market Solution. Please be advised that this is not a promotional piece for this product. Weather this product is good or bad I do not know because I have not personally used the product in my business. This is a post, however; for  the viability of generating motivated seller leads over the internet.

One of the biggest hold backs I get from those looking to get into real estate investing is not having the ability or the money to generate leads. Unfortunately if you find yourself saying that you don’t have the money or a ability to generate leads what you are really saying is that you are NOT in the real estate business.

Rule number uno is that we are in the real estate marketing business.

I am sure you have heard it said many times that if you don’t have any leads you don’t have a business. This is definitely the case and I can relate from personal experience. It was not until I turned my business into a lead generating machine that I was able to take my business full time and “make my own way” so to speak.

First, let me start off by saying that you need to understand ONE main thing about leads and real estate investing in general. If you have ever been in any type of sales business or just business in general I am sure you have heard the term “numbers game.” Basically what this means is that the more numbers or volume that flows through your business the better you are going to do. The law of sheer numbers will dictate that eventually you will come across a prospect that is going to need your services.

With regards to our business we do not offer a service that EVERYBODY can take advantage of for one reason or the other. This is because not everybody who we come in contact with owns a house. Even if somebody does own a house there is a SMALL percentage of people that will eventually accept our offer.

So what does this mean to you…?

This simply means that we have to generate a CRAP load of leads and if you want to succeed the fastest way possible you need to generate a CRAP load of leads in the SHORTEST amount of time… lol…. that is the secret to success in this business my friend.

When we are talking about generating a crap load of leads a lot of investors are missing the boat. Why? Because they have old out of date websites..


Even if you just had a website built for you yesterday you STILL have an outdated website…this is most often sadly the case. Why?

Because people come to a site and are inundated with decisions. They could be looking at your banner ads on the side or want to know about your business and how it started and who you are and the list goes on…

What do many people do when they are faced with a myriad of decisions? In my experience they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING..

This is the natural tendency… you know this yourself because you are hit from all different angles from product launches with all different methods of real estate investing that you don’t know what to do so you just DON’T DO…  sound familiar?

One of the things that Greg Clement talked about in his free report that he gave away was the importance of a squeeze page. The main thing with a squeeze page is that it focus the visitor on ONE thing and in most cases this is giving you a name and an email address.. I have actually switched my sites over to just ask for their email address. Why did I do this?

Mainly because the world is becoming privy to this whole internet marketing thing. I find people are looking for the easiest route and my goal is to get the LEAST amount of information but still be able to effectively market.

If I get just the email from the visitor I am able to market to them over and over until they want to give me their other pertinent information to see if we have a deal or not.

Basically I can break this down into a couple of main components in order for you to start getting leads immediately using the internet. If you want me to break it down further into a couple more posts I will leave that up to you.


In the meantime here is a brief overview of what I have in my business that is generating me motivated seller leads online.

1) A Squeeze Page

I am sure you all know what a squeeze page is. Roughly explained this is a page that is designed to get the visitor to do one thing and one thing only. In our case this would be to give us their email address. I offer a free report to educate them on the “We Buy Houses” people in exchange for their email address.

2) A Squeeze Site

Not sure if anybody else refers to a website like this but I kinda just came up with this label 🙂 . Same thing as a squeeze page your site is designed for them to do one thing… have them give you their information for the potential sale of their house.

An Autoresponder Series

This is a series of emails that you craft once and  will be delivered to your visitors over and over without you having to lift a finger. I include tips on how to get top dollar for your house in the current housing market. Basically it shows them that they have to jump through a lot of hoops to accomplish this and it is a lot easier to just sell their house and be done with it.

A lot of this can be done yourself with limited knowledge of HTML and website development. Most of it can be done with software that is as easy as working microsoft word and some drag and drop software that is as easy as moving documents from your desktop to a folder you created.

Like I said this post is an EXTREMELY cropped version what it takes to get an internet lead machine up and running you let me know via comment if you want me to elaborate a little more.

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  • David McGill


    Thanks for another great post…How does the overall process work? Let’s say I’m a motivated seller…Do I come across your squeeze page first and receive a free report – Then somehow am directed to your squeeze site where I enter my property’s lead sheet information – Then receive an autoresponse like “thanks for your info, someone will contact you shortly”?

    I’m trying to get an idea of how the lead generation process works by step. Thanks again for your post.

    Peace out,

  • Jeff Nelson


    Thank you for your Post. I would certainly appreciate you going into more detail sometime in the near future.

    Have A Great Day,
    Jeff Nelson

  • Hello Alex Joungblood, I would be very interested in you explaining more on this, i am a novice the real estate game trying to start in wholesaling here in southeast texas(Port Arthur, TX). I just put up a website on nopsites, with squeeze pages and i trying to learn how to work get my site live and get leads, i would really like your in site, check out the site, i am just trying to tweak it, i would really like your opinion.

    Thank You

    Edison S. Francis

  • Chris Coyle

    Thanks Alex for the post. I would certainly like more detailed information on this subject, thank you.

  • Great post Alex! thanks for the good info

    Do you outsource your squeeze page setup? I have seen great templates, but torn between a video squeeze page or plain text. Do you have seperate squeeze pages for both your buyers and sellers?