Are You Taking Advantage of Motivated Sellers?

(Turn your speakers WAAAAAAAY up…volume issue)

In this quick video I go over a question that may have haunted you as a real estate investor at one time or the other.
Let me know what you think by commenting below or any other questions you may have that you would like answered via video like this one.
Also I am thinking of putting together a VERY basic video series on the steps of wholesaling houses. Let me know if you would be interested in that.. Leave a comment 🙂

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  • You’re not making it clear exactly who these sellers are: Free and clear,probate,tired landlord, moving with high equity, multiple properties with multiple mortgages, owners of abandoned properties, etc. So really what you’re talking about is finding a seller who is glad to almost give away the property and glad you found them. And they’re even harder to find if you live in an area that wasn’t badly hit by the housing bubble and/or not in a low-priced area. In other words, before anyone gets involved in real-estate investing, they need to know that they will need sellers, and just how difficult these sellers are to find.

  • Dale

    hey Alex nice video that question has also ran through my mind a couple times. I am also a member of VW and like your style of teaching. I like the videos a lot and would appreciate if you did more and give us the motivation need for us first time wholesaler to do a deal. Thanks Bro

  • Dale

    Alex I should have asked before but are most of your deals completely virtual ie- you never meet with the seller or buyer. This is one question that I always wanted answered. Your insight would help since your a virtual wholesaler. Thanks

  • Alex

    Hey Tim… my answer to your question is…. YES…. those are all viable sources to find motivated sellers…
    The only way to find these type of sellers is to market for them..
    That is the easiest way to find them.. it costs some money… but it is the quickest and easiest way.. My personal favorite is direct mail.
    So yes somebody getting into the business will need to understand that they will need to find motivated sellers and that marketing is one way to find them..

  • Augustine

    Greetings Alex:

    Another educational video worth watching!

    I would really appreciate if you could provide answers to the following questions:

    (1) How much do you spend on average for your direct mail marketing at one time and how many seller leads are there?

    (2) How many times do you have to reach out for the same seller leads?

    (3) What is the resource do you use for your direct mail marketing?

    (4) What is your response rate?

    I think that should clear up our confusion in the direct marketing approach in finding motivated sellers, and hope those questions are not confusing. Let me know should you need clarification.

  • thanks for the answer! appreciated…

  • Jerrysfd

    Alex that would be Great my friend.