17 Sneaky Wholesaling Tricks Exposed!

Here it is! This is one of the Sneaky Wholesaling Tricks that We are going to be talking about on this Saturday Night during the workshop.

I am going to be doing this workshop with JP moses from http://www.REITips.com. We have recently connected and found out we have quite a bit in common.

So I am really excited about what we are going to be doing in this workshop!

Here is what you can expect from the workshop

1) Cost $0 (i.e. it’ll be free)…

2) Probably be on a Saturday afternoon…

3) Go for a couple of hours-ish or so…

4) Be chocked full of good, tactics and trickery for anyone who’s into money-getting by way of wholesaling houses

So be on the look out over the next few days for how you can be part of this FREE training call

In the mean time this is a “sneak peak” at one of my sneaky little wholesaling tricks.

You know there are “17 Sneaky Tricks” right? Word on the street is that I may have a few more up my sleeve that I am going to be sharing and I GUARANTEE you have not heard of some of these…. 🙂

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  • Hey guys,
    Both of guys have give me alot of good ideas, and stufff to help me start out. And this no different, thanks to both of you in getting me strated

  • Niiiice..!!! looking forward to your goofy antacks of making cash$$$
    I always enjoy learning from boys in the field…Rock it dudes

  • I agree but what about when there is a tenant living there. How do you handle getting unlimited access in that situation?

  • Alex

    Hey Jenny! when tenants come into the mix it becomes a different situation. Obviously you cannot put a lock box on a tenants house. The key is to get in good with the tenant so that they like and trust you and will let you do what you need to do. Depending on the tenant that can be difficult to do as you can imagine.

  • Anthony B

    Hey Alex. I think the lockbox tip is very efficient.

    Most sellers usually understand. Those I’ve dealt with just figure that it’s a part of the process of me acquiring it, for which it is.

    Great tip!

  • Scott

    LOC BOX- Great tip!!! can you discuss the closing process on a wholesale (NOT REO) OTHER wholesaler do not attend CLOSINGS @ Title companioes what is your opinion.
    Thank you.

  • nez

    Great video… thanks for sharing

  • Luigimaster24

    Hey Alex, 

    Been Listening to your podcast with Joe McCall and I am already implementing the Virtual Wholesaling strategy. However , I am having problems with properties that have tenants living in them and getting buyers in there. Any suggestions?

    Also, Where can I get the 17 sneaky wholesale tricks?