How BAD do you Want to Find Motivated Sellers??

So I wanted to show this to you real quick.

Have you ever wondered what is the best possible way to get motivated sellers??

Believe you me it is not what is demonstrated in the video below

This was something I did a couple years back because I SOOOO was willing do do anything to get my business of the ground.

BTW…you need to have that same desire if you want to go anywhere in your wholesaling business or anything you are doing!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think..also let me know what has been the best for you in getting leads into your business.



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  • Nice jingle…kinda catchy!

  • Curtis

    HI Alex how are you? My name IS Curtis and I live In Houston, I’m wondering once I drive by the potential vacant or abandon homes, Whats next how do I find these people and make them a offer? Let me know If you can thanks!!!!

  • derron

    Hi Alex i’m a struggling wholesaler in the detroit michigan area,i work a just over broke job,and i can’t market like i would like to because i’m on a very very very tight shoestring budget.i’m tirer of punching somebody clock,what advise can you give to help me get the kind of leads i need to firer my boss a.s.a.p.thank you

  • Anonymous

    Hello  i  am  working  on  locating  properties,but  i need funding or  investors  that i  can  get  a  consignment fee. please  call call me. i  have located a condo 3b 2b needs work asking $22,000  call me  trying  to  learn  what  i  do  with  a  good  comes  by1-513-418-3363