Follow Up with Motivated Sellers Results!!

Last post I talked about the importance of following up with your existing leads and how it can impact your business. This post I want to show you the proof of following up with your leads. Keep in mind, this one deal in particular I have been working on since November of last year! Most people would have gotten frustrated and given up all togther. If this had been your deal and you had given up, you would have missed out on this nice check!


In case you are having difficulty reading the amount, the amount of that check is $8,000.00!  That is cash money in the bank that can be spent to pay bills, living expenses, and even some fun money! 

What am I going to do with the money? I am actually going to to take a portion of it to put right back into the business. I am going to invest it into more direct mail! You see you have to treat wholesaling as a business and once you understand this it will take you to the next level in your real estate investing careeer.

Where you really want to get in your business is to the point where you can get your follow up system working so well that you can count on it for at least one deal per month. That is a deal that you really don’t have to spend any extra money in marketing to get. If you can get one deal from follow up and one deal from new marketing efforts, now you have 2 deals a month! If you are asking yourself how do to get more deals each month, this is the way to do it!

Remember I said you can get one deal from follow up and one deal from new marketing efforts? Here is the check from new marketing efforts.


So that check is for $10,000. That makes a total of 18,000.00 for the month. Not bad! Actually I am a little disappointed since I had that 50K month in December and I am still trying to get back there. I am always trying to improve as should you be!

Let me know if you need anything!

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  • Mike Millard

    I agree. I haven’t been in the real estate investment arena long, but financial planning is a game I know all to well. Revisiting old….even really old leads is a key component to building success during down months, during up months, and creating opportunities down the road. Every “touch” to a prospective lead gets you one step closer to a “yes” and to Money In Your Pocket! What’s the goal? Make money. What do we have to do to get there? Talk to people. It’s pretty simple. Great advice! Thanks for the post!