Wholesaling Houses and Getting Your Crazy Offers Accepted

This is the story of the 11 month wholesale deal. Does that sound like a long time to you? Believe me it WAS a long time. A lot of people have been asking me questions about how to get offers accepted. The questions go like this: “Alex,  all of the sellers I talk to want full retail for their house, I can’t get my offer accepted!”

Well I guess wholesaling houses does not work and we should all go back to our miserable jobs and sit at our bosses feet and worship them for providing us with a monthly and reliable pay check.

You don’t feel that way do you?? I hope not! That would be a very hopeless way to live. I have been free from my bonds for over a year now and am doing just fine. I walked away from 60K a year because I knew it was possible me for me to do this and enjoy my life the way it is supposed to be enjoyed. Now I am not telling you to slap your boss in the face and quit today. Remember, I said that if you have had successful income from your wholesaling business for a minimum of SIX months than you might consider doing that. I actually waited a year to make the jump.

You see right now in the morning I am sitting on my couch in my boxer shorts (sorry for the mental image….no seriously, stop picturing it) and writing this post to you. I have spent some quality time with my baby boy before his first nap and even watched a little bit of the today show..lol. Not that I endorse the today show because there is all the gloom and doom about the real estate market (don’t listen to that crap by the way). Pretty soon I will mosey on up to my office and start looking at the motivated seller leads that have come into my pipeline ( while still being in my boxer shorts…ok..stop it again!)

Here is a quick break down on how to get your Crazy offers Accepted by a Motivated Seller

View the video below (not while I am in my boxers by the way)

Takes notes Paddawan 🙂 (google it if you don’t know what that word means)

Being Confident in Your Offer

Presenting Your Offer

Following Up on Your Offer

Understanding the Pipeline

Just Plain ole Dumb Luck

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  • Hey Alex, great video. You mention how you just deposited a 12K check. Do ever get any flack from your buyers or your sellers when they see your assignment fees? How do you get them to not have a problem with your fees?

  • Nice video and great info! Can’t wait to get the call. Thanks for your generosity and the great FREE info you are giving out. This site is definetely helping me move forward with my wholesaling business!

  • admin

    Hey Todd thanks for the comment! I am in the processing of getting that call into the proper format so that I can make it easily downloadable for everybody. Stay tuned!

  • admin

    Great question Erby! Tell you what…I will do a video on this using that exact HUD-1 I just closed on to detail where everything goes on the HUD but also my methodology on getting the deal closed without any problems from the seller.

  • Sounds great Alex! As always, look forward to your information.

  • Alex,

    Great site, great Blog – looking forward to the audio mini workshop! I love the videos – it was great to catch up on FB this evening as well – I’ll be back to your BLOG for sure!


  • Ed

    Thanks for the blog! It gives good insight on the subjuct matter. Thanks again!

  • Scott

    Way to Go!!! Leads+$$$ and I especially liked the part about Follow up-even a seasoned offer-