Wholesaling Video Post

Hey I wanted to try to do something different here and do a video post of a deal that  I have been working on. Let me know what you think. I will probably being doing some video posts on the basics of wholesaling. Let me know what you want to know about and I can do my best to try to answer you.

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  • Kingsley

    Hey Alex,
    Great video post. pretty quick and to the point.
    I have a question though:
    I know you use more of direct mailing campaigns to find your deals. And I think you say you are able to get addresses and contact details of those you contact via a company that produces such lists. I live In Canada, and here it is difficult to find such companies that could provide such lists. In this case, what would be your suggestion for finding deals? Bandit signs (don’t like this one)? Doing drive bys and seeking vacant properties? Working with realtors (not too sure about this one)? What other suggestions do you think will be ideal for someone really looking to find good deals? This is a major stumbling block for me as I really want to get going with wholesaling to generate cash..! Please let me know your thoughts…

  • admin

    Hey Kingsley,
    Thanks for the comment. Yes I definitely use direct mail to find 95.9% of my deals. As I was talking about the last deal here came from my website. I would still think that you should be able to get ahold of some public records from the city, county, or town office. I am not even close to sure on how the recording works in canada but I am sure that they have to have the records somewhere. If you can get ahold of those records you can construct some campaigns.
    Bandit signs work but they are such a pain in the neck and we have code enforcement pretty heavy around here. Plus you have to constantly keep them out and it requires a lot of upkeep along those lines. You also have to have a good contractor to do it for you because my idea of fun is not drivng around at 1am putting out signs.
    Vacant properties is another ok way to find deals but again you have to go one by one and it takes a lot of time and organization. I usually do this if I am out and about looking at houses.
    Therefore I feel direct mail enables me to reach the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time and it is very controllable and scalable. Hope this helps! Let me know if you can get the list from your public records. You may want to even search online for them.

  • Pete

    Awesome info on the blog man……keep it comin!


    p.s. Have you ever tried calling executors of an estate to see if they were willing to sell?

  • admin

    Hey Pete good to see you on the site!. I have never actually tried to call people. I stick to the mail. In fact I kind of go a different route than most on the mail. I use a generic form because most people know that even if you are offering condolensces you really are an opportunity seeker. So I go with a generic post card that says your houses fits the criteria of what I am looking to buy for investement…something along those lines. So what do you think about that? Anybody else care to comment?

  • Pete

    Calling is the first thing I do……then mailings. It works great!
    I also use a generic letter, but don’t mention the decendents name or address. Never mention “you understand what they are going through” etc…bad idea.

  • admin

    What would you say on the phone as to the reason why you are calling? I guess you just hit them right between the eyes with I am calling because I understand you are the personal rep for such and such a property?? Does that sound right?

  • D B

    Hey Alex, enjoying the site, I actually stumbled across it while looking at some stuff on REI.COM, anyway I am trying to do wholesaling and I do direct mail. I dont send out near as many mailings as you do ( I am sending about 450 postcards) which I think is 90% of my issue. I have not received a call from anyone yet that had enough equity in the home to do a wholesale deal. I am without a deal so far this year. I have mailed to 2 different cities. What am I doing wrong? I work full-time and when I get off I answer the messages on my phone and if it is not too late I call them back. If I get off late I dont call until I am able but sometimes with my job that may be a few days later. I need help!..lol

    757 wholesaler 2 be