Success in January!!!

The last time I posted I mentioned I was on my way to Florida. Well I am back in my home town and have unleashed another marketing campaign of about 5000 postcards to my mailing list. The phone is starting to ring off the hook as usual. Seriously, yesterday I had like 177 calls and the calls are still coming in! I realistically expect 350-400 calls from the campaign. Do you think there might be a deal in there somewhere?

Anyway my trip to Florida was both good and bad. First the bad….it was so FREAKIN COLD in Florida!! Isn’t supposed to be warm when you go to Florida? Anyway my wife seemed to think I got a little color on my face from ONE warm day. I think it is a rule that you are not supposed to come back from Florida unless you have a tan or a sunburn!!!

 The reason it was good is because I was able to sell a property that I got under contract! I was hoping to make at least 12K but unfortunately life does not always go your way! In fact, I almost thought I was going to lose the deal altogether. When you get in this situation you start letting the fear of the world and the media set in your mind.

You keep hearing about the cursed RECESSION and how we are losing jobs, confidence in the markets, and are headed for worse times yet! I have to admit I was letting a little of that get to me. I started thinking “Oh No, I am going to have to get a real job, maybe this real estate stuff doesnt work, maybe this, Blah, Blah, Blah! Listen, when that happens you need to find away to overcome it. For me I went back and reviewed my past successes.

In the month of December I had 50K in checks come in! Let me say that again.

I had 50K in checks come in.

So whenever I start to feel down or unsure of myself, I go back to that past success and claim it. I go straight up to my fearful thoughts and tell them to take a hike!!!

In the next post I will post copies of them so that you can see for yourself. Did I mention that all of these are related to wholesaling properties? Its a great business to be in.

Just so I can gauge the interest level. Please coment if you would like me to break down those deals for the month of December and tell you how I got them and what I made on each one and how I negotiated each one as well. To comment all you have to do is click on the post title “Sucess in January!!” and there will be a spot where you can comment on the bottom of the post.

I am trying to remember if there is anything else I need to say… Oh well, if it is anything important I will tell you in the next post :)

Oh….On that deal I was talking about before I am going to make 8K instead of 12. Also I am going to be hopefully getting a deal on Wednesday that is tax assessed for 235 for 110K. I assume I can make at least another 10K on that one.  I will let you know how that goes down.

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  • Blake

    Wow, sounds like you definitely know what you’re doing! I am curious about how those deals all went down, how you found them, negotiated them etc? I think a lot of people can learn from your success. I noticed you receive A LOT of calls off your marketing too. Do you take these calls yourself or outsource a VA company to do this for you?

    I have heard virtual assistants are a great way to go when you start getting a ton of incoming phone calls from marketing.

  • Alex

    I actually use a pre recorded message that screens out a lot of the motivated sellers right away. I do experience a lot of hang ups from calls that come in so I use a VA to handle those for me.
    I have definitely experiened success with this VA and he has taken a lot of the workload off of me so I can focus on the real money making tasks.