Direct Mail Marketing Results–My Phone is Blowing Up!!!

I just got a quick break from the pool and the nice hot sun here in Florida! Remember I told you that I was going to be sending out 6,000 or so post cards to get the wheels moving? Well I did and so far I have  had over 300 phone calls!

I am not very good at math but that means we are tracking for a 5% response rate so far. Not too bad, huh? Ok so the phone is blowing up now I just need to get some deals from all of those leads. My virtual assistant has been working on getting through those leads but has not been feeling so well for whatever reason so that means I may have to make a few phone calls! Not a biggie because I always have fun on the phone with sellers. Even when you have a VA who will take your calls for you, you don’t want to get rusty!

Well I am nearing the end of my 2 week spree down here in FL and will be heading back on Wednesday! My batteries will be recharged and I am ready to make some MONEY! That is the great thing about vacation you get all motivated again to make it happen.

You know you can only take some much of this sitting in the sun by the pool 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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  • Will

    I’m really interested in getting into Wholesaling, but I don’t have the money to start a direct mail campaign. Do you have any suggestions for fillers for someone just starting out, working full time, and struggling to cover their mortgage and bills?

  • Hey Alex. I have been reading through your blog…. great stuff! I have been collecting buyers all over the country for about a year now, and havent done much on the wholesaling side. I finally sent out my first batch of post cards and the response has been AWESOME! I just need to take advantage of my Huge Buyers list and get some of these deals wrapped up.

    Anyway, you have a very solid blog for explaining this side of the business! I will keep checking in.