Wholesaling Houses and Using Virtual Assistants

There is one thing that I have done recently that has literally REVOLUTIONIZED my  wholesaling business. I am sure you have heard many different speaker and teachers talking about virtual assistants. If you are anything like, I thought a virtual assistant was something that only really super mega rich people had and I could never have my own. Well let me tell you that thought pattern is a thing of the past!

The type of motivated seller marketing that I do yields a crazy response rate so I get over 500 calls every month. This is not a bad probem to have believe me! Guess who would handle and go through each and every one of those phone calls?  Yes, that right….ME! With all of those calls I was spending all day on the phone and not having much time to go out and look at properties or do other things that I like to do.

My virtual assistant has taken all of that off my shoulders and now he goes through all of the voicemails that come in and takes the sellers information and compiles it into a nice lead sheet which he promptly emails me at the end of every business day. It is great!

Because the pre recorded message that I use is intended to filter out a lot of the unmotivated sellers I do get a lot of hang ups. Most of the time I would say that is good; we don’t want to talk to those type of people anyway, right? They are a precious waste of your time and every second you spend with one of them you will never be able to get back. Your time is precious remember that!

OK where was I? Sorry I guess I have a little ADD…lol…Oh yes, Virtual assistants! So he goes through the hangups and calls them back to see why they hung up and did not leave a message. If I was to do this myself I would literally go banannas! Do you know how many phone calls that is??? A lot…Also what happens is that even if somebody does not want to sell their house, you could get stuck on the phone with them as they tell you their life story. Now I am all for lending an ear to somebody who needs to chat because they are lonely, but I simply don’t have 500 ears to go around!

Now LISTEN UP because what I am about to tell you is going to make you a lot of money if you implement it.  A lot of motivated sellers won’t leave their information because they don’t want to speak to your “machine.” This does not mean they are not motivated and that they don’t have a house to sell. My VA called one of these hangups and right below this paragraph is the result!

Wholesaling Properties

Yup! That is a check for 12K! My virtual assitant has paid for himself for almost a year! The best place you can go to find a virtual assiatant for your wholesaling business is www.Odesk.com. They will actually bid against each other to get your business. Worst case scenario is that you end up getting somebody that doesn’t workout for one reason or the other and you fire them and you move on! Eventually you will find somebody that clicks for your business.

Bottom line is that virtual assitants if used right will MAKE you money in your wholesaling business. So go check Odesk and get you one today…:)

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  • Hey Alex,

    Very familiar with odesk. Actually have a guy working for me now from Odesk on a project.

    Just curious. Is your VA domestic for the hung-up calls? Also what kinda of rates are u getting for these services.

  • admin

    I actually use skype and I am getting like 2.54 cents a month. A lot of money I know. That is for unlimited calls actually. My Va that is on the phone gets 5 bucks an hour

  • David McGill

    Alex, you are the man, homie…

    I’m working on building a part-time wholesaling business, and you mentioned my biggest problem; inconsistent marketing. The use of a VA would definitely help me overcome some of my issues….Even though I won’t start off with your volume on phone calls, how many hours does your VA work for you per week on this? I’m trying to get an idea of costs.

  • ben

    Alex. This is the stuff every newb wants to hear. your words are life to my bones for real. This post totally inspired me and helped me to see exactly just how to utilize a VA the best way. I probably would have had to go through hours of audio training for a hint of what you said here.


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