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Thanks for stopping by! Keep checking back here often as I will have a lot of free content for you to check out. I am just like you. I am a real estate investor who went through the many different stages of investing—including not investing. If you are still in that stage I completely understand and it is my intention that this blog will help you jump off the fence because there is too much money to me made.


First things first, my name is Alex Joungblood and before we get any further let me give you phoenetic break down of that name so you dont keep offending me by pronouncing it wrong. The J is pronounced as a Y so that is actually pronounced Youngblood. You dont know how many tines at graduations and awards events or whatever that I would be sitting nervous as anything that my name would be pronounced wrong! Ok, enough of that you know how to pronounce my name.


Why should you check back here and often? First of all because it is FREE! This new world we are in is full of free information and I will give you some personal reccomendations along the way of what has helped me. Seconod, because I am a REAL real estate investor and I am doing this day in and day out. This is not a part time gig; this is what I do FULL TIME to pay the bills and I will do my best to get you in that position as well.


You would love that wouldnt you? You would love to kiss your boss good bye and never have to look back. Well maybe not KISS your boss goodbye but anyway you know what I mean. Am I a millionaire? No, not yet anyway. But I will give you some real time examples of deals that I am working on and show you actual checks when they close!


Finally, you should wanna check back often is because I am honest and will tell you how it is. You want my opinion on certain real estate programs out there. Feel free to ask me and I will give you my best opinion.

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